5 Reasons To Use Best In Show Dog Crates For Travel

Keeps Your Dog From Riding Loose in the Vehicle

dogs loose in car

The statistics are clear that dogs traveling loose in a car is a bad idea. Letting your dog roam free in the car can be a distraction and cause your dog greater injury if an accident does occur. When it comes to trips with your dog, you’re better safe than sorry!

A two-second distraction doubles your chances of getting into a car accident. These distractions include petting, treating, and looking at your dog. When your dog is loose in the car, his or her body will be projected with much greater force when not restrained if an accident does occur. 

In fact, the force is about 40 times your dog’s weight. This means a 50-pound dog will reach an impact force of 2,000 pounds!  

To keep your dog safe, invest in a Best In Show Dog Crate from Defending Champions. The crate will keep your dog safe from eye or ear injury from hanging his or her head out of the window and keep your dog from rushing out the door, and possibly into the traffic of a busy parking lot, as soon as you stop for gas or a break. A Best In Show Dog Crate also makes it easier to provide your dog with water during the ride.

The Crate Will Keep Your Dog Safe

Dog Crate That Withstood Car Accident

Not only does a Best In Show Dog Crate protect your dog in case of an accident, but it also reduces distraction that could cause an accident.

This picture is actually one of our dog crates after a head-on accident. We are proud that our crate held up and didn’t collapse or shatter.

Our dog crates are ideal for keeping your dog comfortable during the journey.

We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your dog and vehicle.

You Can Roll The Crate Into The Hotel

Blue Dog Crates - Size 300

This is where your dog’s crate does double-duty. Your dog’s crate gives him a sense of comfort in the hotel. This is multiplied when you’re able to use his regular bed in the crate. The scent of your home will help him sleep better, and the crate will help him feel more secure. Most Airbnbs ask that you crate your canine companion, too, to reduce risk of chewing incidents.

Bring your baggage and dog’s toys into the hotel room while your dog waits crated in the car. This will help you organize the room and keep him from trying to escape as you unload everything.

Try to keep your dog’s breakfast and dinner times the same and be cautious of switching his diet.

If you have to leave your dog in the room alone, you may want to put on white noise or the tv to keep him company and reduce the of barking. Keeping him crated while you’re away also reduces anxiety.

The Crate Gives Your Dog A Home While Traveling

Defending Champions Van & Trailer

You will travel in comfort knowing your dogs are safe in their Best In Show Dog Crates. Bungee them in or tie them down in your vehicle and your dogs will be as safe as possible while traveling. 

Your dog will appreciate the sanctuary of having their own space while in the vehicle traveling. 

You Can Roll The Crate Into The Dog Show

Dog Crates Stacked In A Set

The Best In Show Dog Crates can be stacked 2 high and clipped together for rolling them into the dog show. The 2 front wheels have toe casters to set the brake on them so they don’t roll once you park them in the grooming area of the show. 

You can also snap water pails and food pails to the inside of the crates so you can keep water in front of your dogs at all times. The dog crates have no ledge in the front, so when you open the door it is easy for your dog to enter and easy to wipe clean in case your dog gets sick or has an accident. 

The wheel assembly for these dog crates are 6″, filled with foam so they never go flat, and designed to last. 

These dog crates are perfect for shows, and offer several ways to keep the doors closed and locked.