About Our Team

My 4 Australian Shepherd Dogs



Proudly offering Best In Show Dog Trolleys & Best In Show Dog Crates

We love our pets & show dogs

Just like you do. We lose sleep over them and plan our lives around them. We celebrate puppies and mourn the loss of our dogs when they leave us, whether through old age, illness or accidents. We decided to make dog showing easier and safer by selling Best In Show Dog Trolleys and Dog Crates.

Our story started at an AKC show in North Carolina years ago

While out showing our dogs, we came across a manufacturer who makes strong and stylish dog trolleys, dog crates and tack boxes. The manufacturer is Hydrogroom, makers of Best In Show Dog Crates and Best In Show Dog Trolleys.

The short story is we fell in love with these custom products and bought them for our own dogs. And then we decided we could sell them because we thought so highly of the product line.

So we started our own business!

Our team consists of the following:

  • The Hydrogroom team in North Carolina that builds the crates, trolleys and tack boxes
  • Our Breeder friends and family who breed our great dogs
  • Dog show veterans who love grooming and showing dogs
  • Newbies, mere rookies who have always loved our dogs and now show as well
  • Dog lovers who love to be active with their dogs
  • Our digital services team, who build our websites

We are helping to spread the word and let people know about our cool stuff. Come see us at an upcoming show near you or order online. We stand behind our product line, which is manufactured in North Carolina by Hydrogroom.