Get Your Tack Box From Defending Champions – You Will Love It

One of the Secrets to Dog Show Success is Having a Good Tack Box: The Best Tack Boxes are from Defending Champions

Once you tire of dragging duffle bags, tote bags and plastic bags to dog shows to carry all of your grooming supplies, you will need to look for a durable and well-designed tack box. A quality tack box will change your dog show life. With a good tack box, you’ll say “goodbye” to leaking spray bottles and searching for products at the bottom of a tote bag. A tack box can help you stay organized, efficient, and prepared while eliminating mess and other headaches.

What is a Dog Show Tack Box?

A tack box is a show dog owner’s second-best friend. It’s essentially a toolbox made especially for dog shows. They are sturdy, durable, and designed to be easy to carry and organize. From professional handlers to owner-handlers, tack boxes are a must.

Tack boxes range in size depending on what you need for your dog or dogs. They can feature a handle on top, a latch with a lock attachment on the front, and a door that swings open to reveal easily accessible drawers, trays, and shelves. Most quality tack boxes feature a bar for leads and easy-to-clean surfaces, too.

Show dog owners love that tack boxes keep their cans, bottles, combs, brushes, scissors, boots, and collars neat, organized, and ready to use. A tack box can be quickly set up on a table or trolley to make pre-show grooming more convenient. This prevents back strain from bending and stooping and reduces the stress of finding, organizing, and accessing what you need. A tack box can make the final grooming touches your dog needs before hitting the ring run smoothly and flawlessly.

Most tack boxes are designed to fit a wide range of tack box accessories which can be added to accommodate your needs as your supply cache grows. These include wheels to make transporting a heavy tack box easier to side caddies to hold extra supplies and make them easily accessible.

What Should You Look for in a Quality Tack Box?

A good tack box is an investment in your dog and an investment in protecting your dog show products and supplies. A quality tack box will last your entire exhibiting career. When shopping for a tack box, you will want one that is made from durable metal to help protect your grooming supplies and other dog show accessories from damage or theft.

Your dog show success depends on your ability to properly and effectively prepare your dog to show his best to become a champion. That is why Defending Champions offers the highest quality tack boxes on the market.

What Makes Our Tack Boxes Superior?

Made from American aluminum, our tack boxes are lightweight and durable. While they can be easily toted to and from your vehicle, they are also easily customized by adding wheels. Many show dog owners choose to transport theirs on their trolley or by cart.

Our hand-made tack boxes are made to order in North Carolina. You can customize your tack box to match your trolley or crate, then, on show day, your supplies will be organized and ready to use. The durable powder-coated finishes will keep your tack box looking its best for years to come. And you can choose from an array of over thirty colors and finishes.

Our tack boxes are thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about the lid falling down, pinching your fingers, or sending your bottles flying. Once you open a Best in Show lid, they stay in place and feature a bar to store your dog leads.

Your hand won’t ache from carrying this tack box—it has a padded handle so you can keep a tight grip on your box without any uncomfortable pressure points.

Best in Show Trolleys fashioned these tack boxes for functionality and beauty. The front cover or door folds down to create a surface to unpack some of your supplies. The top tray is divided to keep your small supplies like scissors and combs neat and tidy. You can order your tack box with one, two, or three drawers that smoothly pull out.

And for extra security, our tack boxes feature a padlock ring to keep all of your supplies safe while you’re in the ring or your box is in your car.

What Tack Box Options and Customizations Work Best for Your Needs?


Smooth swiveling wheels can make transporting your tack box a cinch. If you’re showing multiple dogs or have abundant supplies, wheels are an excellent option.

Side Caddies

If you have extra tall bottles or just too many bottles to stow in your tack box, a caddy or two is the perfect solution! You can fit several extra bottles on the side of your tack box which is perfect for dog show owners with more than one dog or dogs that require extra grooming supplies. Caddies come in the same brilliant and attractive colors to match your tack box.

Tack Box Covers

Our tack box covers fit our tack boxes snuggly. If you want to keep your tack box protected from wear and tear or you just want a little added flair, you will want to order your tack box with a cover. These durable covers are tailored to easily take on and off and fit perfectly around the handle. They are designed to fit tack boxes 16 by 11 by 16-inches.

What Size Tack Box is Right for You?

Our Standard-Size Tack Box measure 16 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 16 inches tall. It is perfect for owner-handlers and professionals. With caddies, it can work well for handlers with multiple dogs that require extensive grooming tools and supplies.

Our Mini Tack Box measures 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall and 11 inches deep. Also customizable with caddies, this petite option is designed for show dog owners that don’t need quite as many supplies. Often preferred by owner-handlers, this will still fit necessary equipment while being a a bit lighter and easier to carry.

Final Thoughts

If you have yet to invest in your sparkly new tack box, now is the time! Make your life easier and more organized with a new tack box from Defending Champions. Each order is custom made in the United States and will arrive ready to use in 6-8 weeks.