Dogs fill a human need for love and companionship

I used to read a science fiction series by Anne McCaffrey that had dragons in it. When the baby dragons were born it was a major event, and a person was chosen by the baby dragon to be their person. In the book, they called it imprinting. Science fiction is not my favorite genre, but

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Dog with a toy from a pet company

The Undeniable Reasons Why Your Pet Company Needs a New Website

We Build Pet Company Websites and Marketing Plans The U.S. pet business industry is valued at more than $20 billion. Are you at the helm of one of those companies? If so, you know that there are vast numbers of competitors vying for the attention (and dollars) of your target audience. Decades ago, word-of-mouth referrals

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Why Do We Love Our Dogs So Much?

The Emotional Bond between Dogs and Humans Close your eyes and picture your dog. I bet you smiled or maybe even laughed when you visualized your fuzzy best friend. There’s just something about dogs, isn’t there? Dog-people get it. We’re willing to do almost anything and sacrifice almost everything for our beloved pups.

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how to win dog shows

How to Get Started Showing Dogs

How to Get Started Showing Dogs You’ve probably watched the Westminster Dog Show. Maybe you’ve even watched an AKC show or attended a dog show. Well, if you’re interested in getting more involved by showing your dog, you can!

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What Dogs Do For Us

Have you read Where The Red Fern Grows or seen the movie A Dog’s Purpose? When I watched that movie, on a long flight from Detroit to Vietnam, I cried like a baby. Tears were streaming down my face. The flight attendant actually stopped to ask me if I was OK.

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My Dog In the Show Ring

Why Dog Shows Are So Much Fun

Having dogs my whole life, I had never once dreamed I wanted to show dogs or get a show dog. I never believed that dog shows are fun. In my mind, dogs were to be loved as pets, and, of course, to enjoy outdoor activities with them. I enjoy doing things with my dogs, like

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Picking a puppy

When A Puppy Steals Your Heart

I saw her when I wasn’t even looking for a pup. A friend of mine, Laura, was getting a pup to keep her 3 year old dog young. I volunteered to go on the drive with her, a day trip to see Aussie puppies. Who could refuse a weekend day trip to go see puppies?

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