Dogs fill a human need for love and companionship

I used to read a science fiction series by Anne McCaffrey that had dragons in it. When the baby dragons were born it was a major event, and a person was chosen by the baby dragon to be their person. In the book, they called it imprinting. Science fiction is not my favorite genre, but

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Dog with a toy from a pet company

The Undeniable Reasons Why Your Pet Company Needs a New Website

We Build Pet Company Websites and Marketing Plans The U.S. pet business industry is valued at more than $20 billion. Are you at the helm of one of those companies? If so, you know that there are vast numbers of competitors vying for the attention (and dollars) of your target audience. Decades ago, word-of-mouth referrals

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Origins Canine 5in1

What’s in Origins Canine 5 in 1

Origins Is Blended In An Organic Certified Facility There is no ethoxyquin in Origins Canine 5 in 1. Back when the big ethoxyquin debacle happened there was a huge shift away from using fish that are stabilized with that in any pet products. Rogue Pet Science has actually toured the facilities making the fish in

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Definitive Guide To Best In Show Trolleys

Trying to Decide Which Best In Show Trolley Is For You? We put together this guide to give you all the facts about our trolleys on the same page. As you check out the different models and sizes, please remember that we do make custom sizes. We do recommend not to get too wide, however,

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Defending Champions Van & Trailer

5 Reasons To Use Best In Show Dog Crates For Travel

Keeps Your Dog From Riding Loose in the Vehicle The statistics are clear that dogs traveling loose in a car is a bad idea. Letting your dog roam free in the car can be a distraction and cause your dog greater injury if an accident does occur. When it comes to trips with your dog,

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Why Do We Love Our Dogs So Much?

The Emotional Bond between Dogs and Humans Close your eyes and picture your dog. I bet you smiled or maybe even laughed when you visualized your fuzzy best friend. There’s just something about dogs, isn’t there? Dog-people get it. We’re willing to do almost anything and sacrifice almost everything for our beloved pups.

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how to win dog shows

How to Get Started Showing Dogs

How to Get Started Showing Dogs You’ve probably watched the Westminster Dog Show. Maybe you’ve even watched an AKC show or attended a dog show. Well, if you’re interested in getting more involved by showing your dog, you can!

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Side by Side 2 Berth Trolley

Why Dog Owners Love Best In Show Trolleys

Why Dog Owners Love Best in Show Trolleys from Defending Champions Dog Owners love their Best In Show Trolleys because they are useful. Between styling products, paperwork, and countless treats, there is a plethora of essential tools that go into making your show dog show-worthy.

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Single Berth Trolley - Blue

Best In Show Trolleys For Dog Showing

Best In Show Trolleys – Great for the Dog Show World Without fail, 99.9% of our trolley customers report loving their trolleys. Whether you go to AKC Dog Shows, UKC Dog Shows or Performance Events, Best In Show Trolleys are the perfect solution. With a variety of sizes and colors available, the Best in Show

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