best in show dog crate

Custom Crates For Vans, Suv’s and Rv’s

We build custom dog crates to order for you to fit your SUV, Van or RV Dog owners need custom dog crates for many reasons, including for the home, to travel with in their car, SUV, van or RV, or to use at a dog show. I took a look at the dog crate market

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What Dogs Do For Us

Have you read Where The Red Fern Grows or seen the movie A Dog’s Purpose? When I watched that movie, on a long flight from Detroit to Vietnam, I cried like a baby. Tears were streaming down my face. The flight attendant actually stopped to ask me if I was OK.

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My Dog In the Show Ring

Why Dog Shows Are So Much Fun

Having dogs my whole life, I had never once dreamed I wanted to show dogs or get a show dog. I never believed that dog shows are fun. In my mind, dogs were to be loved as pets, and, of course, to enjoy outdoor activities with them. I enjoy doing things with my dogs, like

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Picking a puppy

When A Puppy Steals Your Heart

I saw her when I wasn’t even looking for a pup. A friend of mine, Laura, was getting a pup to keep her 3 year old dog young. I volunteered to go on the drive with her, a day trip to see Aussie puppies. Who could refuse a weekend day trip to go see puppies?

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