Pumpkin Pro



1. All natural ingredients
2. Resealable bag for multiple uses
3. Prevents & helps with loose stools/diarrhea

[100% Honest]
No Grains • No Fillers • No Synthetics • No By-Products • Developed To Fix The Problems No One Else Wants To Fix

[100% Functional]
Organic Pumpkin (without seeds or skin) • Organic Fermented Turmeric Root • Organic Fermented Ginger Root

Bag size: 5.25 oz.


Pumpkin Pro is designed for Stress Management

Pumpkin Pro is designed to be a better solution to help your dogs handle increased stress during times of travel, boarding, performance.

Pumpkin Pro Ingredients
Only the best organic human-grade whole food based ingredients are used in Pumpkin Pro!

Ingredients include:
– Organic pumpkin (without seeds or skin)
– Organic fermented turmeric root
– Organic fermented ginger root
– Organic Acacia gum

Recommended Uses:

  • Loose Stools / Diarrhea
  • Before Boarding Your Dog
  • Before Performance Activities Such As:
    • Confirmation
    • Dock Diving
    • Rally/Obedience
    • Flyball
    • Agility
    • Barn Hunt

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