What’s in Origins Canine 5 in 1

Origins Is Blended In An Organic Certified Facility

There is no ethoxyquin in Origins Canine 5 in 1. Back when the big ethoxyquin debacle happened there was a huge shift away from using fish that are stabilized with that in any pet products. Rogue Pet Science has actually toured the facilities making the fish in Origins 5 in 1. The mill that does all of their blending is an organic certified facility and would not allow that into their facility.

The fish is stabilized so oxidation is reduced. They have actually spent close to 20k dollars testing their product, a big portion being fatty acid profile of the actual fish. The testing showed that it was 100% there and accurate. Not to mention the results Rogue sees in the dogs using the product. The biomarker study shows measurable health improvements in just 30 days.

Measurable Health Improvements in 30 Days

The dog industry deserves to be scrutinized. Rogue is one of the very few products that has import permits to UK and Australia. The level of testing and racking on every ingredient required by these countries will disqualify almost every other companies products.