When A Puppy Steals Your Heart

I saw her when I wasn’t even looking for a pup. A friend of mine, Laura, was getting a pup to keep her 3 year old dog young. I volunteered to go on the drive with her, a day trip to see Aussie puppies. Who could refuse a weekend day trip to go see puppies?

She had picked out 3 puppies from a litter, and I had barely checked them out before we started on the drive. My old guy had passed away not too long ago. He was 13 and was a loyal, loving boy. I was devastated and had already been to visit this very same favorite breeder a little over a month ago. They offered me a darling red-tri boy, and we joyfully took him home.

I never wanted a 3rd dog, but this pup was undeniable. When we pulled up, all 3 pups were in an X-pen. After an hour of agony, my friend Laura picked a boy pup, one that got along with her older dog.

And that left her available. But the biggest problem was that she was, and is, a show prospect. The long story ends with a short version. I bought her and now I am learning how to show her.

So funny. I never wanted to show dogs and had dogs my whole life. Now that I am showing, I love it!!

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