Why Dog Owners Love Best In Show Trolleys

Why Dog Owners Love Best in Show Trolleys from Defending Champions

Dog Owners love their Best In Show Trolleys because they are useful. Between styling products, paperwork, and countless treats, there is a plethora of essential tools that go into making your show dog show-worthy.

One tool that every show dog owner or handler can’t live without is a quality dog show trolley. A great trolley allows owners and handlers to comfortably and safely transport their dogs while being able to easily access and carry all the show-winning accessories they bring with them. Of all the show dog trolley brands, dog owners know that Best in Show Trolleys from Defending Champions are truly the best when it comes to helping our dogs shine and excel.

The day of the dog show, you want to make sure you have everything neat, organized, and ready to go. After spending the early morning hours grooming your dog, things can be overwhelming for even the most experienced dog show veteran. Luckily, Best in Show Trolleys has thought of everything when it comes to getting your dog safely into the show without the risk of getting him or her dirty, matted, or injured. Best in Show Trolleys reduce the stress of show day and allow dog owners to get back to the fun that made them fall in love with dog shows in the first place.

What Makes Best in Show Trolleys Superior?

Show dog owners need a brand they can trust, and Best in Show has been devoted to making quality products for over forty-five years. The Scobles, the couple that makes Best in Show products, made it their mission to design and manufacture products that made attending and enjoying dog shows easier. And, boy, did they achieve this with their Best in Show Trolleys!

Best in Show Trolleys has an enthusiastic following of dedicated show dog owners. They often describe their Best in Show Trolleys as “beautiful,” “perfect,” and ‘a great investment,’ and it’s easy to see why.

Dog Owners Love that Best in Show Trolleys Are:

Versatile, Easy to Steer, and Convenient

Say “good-bye” to lugging bag upon bag of supplies in one hand and your dog in the other.  Best in Show Trolleys feature easy-to-grip handles and wheels that swivel 360-degrees making it easy to maneuver through crowds, around corners, and into packed staging areas.

These wonderful trolleys also make travel effortless all around. Whether you’re flying to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for The Blue & Gray Cluster show or driving to the Celtic Classic in York, Pennsylvania, Best in Show Trolleys keep your dog safely contained and comfortable. They also fold down easily once you arrive in your hotel room or when you’re ready to pack it into your vehicle. This also makes storing them a cinch.

And for those dog owners with multiple show-stopping pups, Best in Show Trolleys makes handling multiple dogs as easy as handling one. With 2, 3, and 4 berth options, you can quickly access your pup. And with a flat, stable top, you can conveniently groom your dog before hitting the ring.

With a wide range of options and configurations, dog owners love that they can choose a design and style that works best for their needs.


A dog show trolley can be a major investment. You don’t want to sink money into a trolley that won’t stand the test of time. Best in Show Trolleys are manufactured for durability and strength.

While the main structure is made from strong metal, the dividers, floors, and lids are high-density polyethylene that lasts. Their stainless-steel spring-action doors and hinges are built to handle wear and tear over years of shows, and they won’t give out.

And you don’t have to worry about these finely crafted trolleys rusting in the garage. Dog owners recognize the importance of the powder coated, baked on finish that goes through a 4-step process to keep the paint from flaking and provides a weather-proof finish.

Dog owners appreciate that their investment won’t go to waste when they choose a trolley that will last a lifetime. In fact, these trolleys last so long and are used so frequently, many owners end up replacing the wheels and grips and continue to get years and years of use out of them.


From Golden Retrievers to Chihuahuas, dog owners admire that they can find the perfect fit for their pup with a Best in Show Trolley. The Single Berth Trolley can accommodate a medium to large breed dog while the Mini 4 Berth will keep tiny pooches comfy as they ride along.

And, when talking about size, we can’t forget that dog owners love, love, love that the Best in Show Trolley folds down to 6-inches wide! This makes it easy to transport in the car or store in the attic.


Show dog owners know their breed inside and out: they know what color to wear on show day and what diet will make their dog’s coat shine. It’s no wonder they love that Best in Show Trolleys come in a wide range of colors: hundreds of color options are available. Each trolley is customized with a special color and finish. From blue shimmer to pink sparkle to rockstar, each trolley is as unique as the dogs that hold a special place in our hearts.


Dog parents appreciate the valuable accessories that come standard with a Best in Show Trolley. They come with wheels that lock, so your dog won’t roll away while you’re at the registration table, and they also come equipped with feed bowl bars, fan bars, and rubber handle grips.

When it comes to customizations, Best in Show Trolleys has everything a dog owner needs. From a grooming arm and rubber grooming mat to an organization system for your brushes, treats, and paperwork, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. And everything you need is just an arm’s length away. Dog parents love how hard these accessories work for them.

They even have a great selection of trolley skirts that fit each model. This keeps the dust and dirt out of the trolley and protects your pup’s precious nose from UV rays while providing your dog plenty of fresh air and visibility.

Final Thoughts

Proud dog parents want their dogs at arrive to the dog show safely and enter the ring glowing with pride. With all the hard work dog owners put into prepping, grooming, and training their dogs, Best in Show Dog Trolleys allow their dogs to arrive at the ring in top-notch show-ready condition. With the quality dog owners trust, Best in Show Trolleys will continue to lead the industry in quality construction, maneuverability, and versatility. If you’re ready to invest in a show-winning trolley, Best in Show Trolleys from Defending Champions are the best choice for you and your beloved show dogs.

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