Why Dog Shows Are So Much Fun

Having dogs my whole life, I had never once dreamed I wanted to show dogs or get a show dog. I never believed that dog shows are fun. In my mind, dogs were to be loved as pets, and, of course, to enjoy outdoor activities with them. I enjoy doing things with my dogs, like taking them swimming, or camping, or on a nature hike.

Why are there so many breeds of dogs?

Any way you look at it, dogs initially were bred to have a purpose. That’s why we implore everyone to get a dog that fits your lifestyle. Dogs love to do something with you. Figure out your dog’s motivation and drive, and do something with your dog. One fun thing you can do with your dog is showing your dog at a dog show.

Dog showing

If you have a purebred unaltered dog that matches up well against your breed standard, you can show them. The purpose of confirmation is to judge dogs against what the breed standard calls for to keep the breed as pure as possible. Yes, confirmation, in its most basic sense, is supposed to be for breeding purposes. There are many ways to find information on your breed and the breed standard, including the AKC.

Are dog shows really fun?

Dogs shows are fun. And addicting. I am here to tell you, though, that it can be a blast. First, you get to hang with dog people. Find a fun crew and they can become good friends. Second, you get to do something with your dog. Take them to the show. Groom them. Love on them. And then prance them around the ring. You don’t have to be good to get started. Find a mentor and give it a shot. You might love it!

To locate a dog show near you, try the infodog website. It is one of the best websites and you can search dog shows by state to find one near you.

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